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Bucky assembly using

Bucky assembly is used in the human body, and the differential diagnosis of breast disease mostly preferred X-ray, how to obtain a more satisfactory clinical X-ray chest radiograph is particularly important for diagnosis and treatment, and now adopted by the X-ray exposure bucky stand is a rectangular frame, standing on the ground directly, make a photo, standing in the patients with bucky before the assembly, physicians according to patients’ discretion to adjust the sternum seat after exposure.
Bucky assembly using
Chest radiographs, including bucky assembly body and insert the sternum slot, bucky assembly frame body is composed of vertical stents and cross “L” shape body, at the bottom of the horizontal bracket is equipped with wheel, the upper horizontal stent has a swivel seat and foot, support has the vertical slot plug put the sternum, and on the vertical support appropriate parts with match the chair armrest and used for patient trust in the back of a chair, chair and armrest can be adjusted up and down.
Newheek bucky assembly can receive film, IP board and flat panel detector in three ways. It can meet the different needs of customers.

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