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Bucky in radiology : can install a removable base

Bucky in radiology is particularly important for diagnosis and treatment. The current bucky in radiology is a rectangular frame, which is directly placed on the ground. When taking photos, the patient stands in front of the chest X-ray shelf and the doctor adjusts the position of the chest X-ray according to the patient’s height.
Bucky in radiology
But over the long term, it has been found that a significant proportion of people do not move easily during x-rays. Newhheek bucky in radiology can then be configured to move the base, manually or electronically, up and down.X-rays of patients with mobility problems can be used to adjust their posture smoothly, reduce pain, protect others from radiation, and resolve problems for patients who cannot leave the ward.
Newheek bucky in radiology consists of four parts: sliding rack, upright post, trailer bucky and balancing device. Customers can configure mobile base according to their needs. Newheek bucky in radiology also provides installation guidance.Meet your different needs.
Bucky in radiology

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