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Bucky stand for chest photography Specifications and models can be customized

Speaking of bucky stand, everyone basically knows that the bucky stand are simply used for shooting chest films. The bucky stand are specially used for the examination of the head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis of the human body to achieve the purpose of diagnosis. At present, there are actually four types of chest radiograph holders. The rest of the chest radiograph holders are basically extended from these four names.

There are four kinds of bucky stand produced by Newheek, including simple bucky stand, conventional bucky stand, DR bucky stand, and side-mounted bucky stand. These four bucky stand are currently in production. And these four bucky stand have been sold at home and abroad, large hospitals, clinics, and distributors basically have a cooperative relationship with Newheek.

Just last week, a customer in Shanxi customized a conventional chest radiograph stand. Before sending it to our customers, our technicians tested it several times to ensure that there was no problem before sending it to the customer. Because the hospital was in a hurry, So quickly packed the wooden box and sent it to the customer. During the transportation process, a small accident occurred, that is, during the transportation process, the logistics personnel may move back and forth without paying attention, plus the above discharge a lot Items, which caused the box to collapse. Fortunately, the chest rack was intact. We hurriedly got in touch with you to let users check how to check the performance and whether it can be used normally. Facts have proved that our product quality is still guaranteed. If the chest rack If it is broken, it will not only toss back and forth, it is a waste of time, and it will delay the normal use of the customer during special periods. Therefore, we must say that the packaging must be done well, and explain the good logistics, without putting heavy objects on it, we can be considered an experience this time.
In addition, we also have good after-sales, and the technical staff are the best. This can be assured. It is very important that the quality of a company’s products is largely due to after-sales service.
Buy a bucky stand, choose Newheek, we will ask you to solve the problem one-on-one, you are welcome to come to contact service@newheek.com

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