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bucky stand is very helpful

Guterres also pointed out that it is necessary to solve the problem of maliciously using digital technology to carry out cyber attacks on key civilian infrastructure. Reports from several countries indicate that during the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, cyber attacks on medical facilities have increased. People must make greater efforts to prevent and end these new forms of aggression, because they will cause further serious harm to civilians.

Guterres said that the scourge of coronavirus disease in 2019 will bring great pain to humans and bring additional pressure to the health system, economy and communities. Those countries that have been weakened by armed conflicts for many years are especially vulnerable.

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He said that 2019 coronavirus disease not only spreads disease and death, it is pushing people towards poverty and hunger. In some cases, it has reversed the progress made in development over the decades.

He pointed out that as access to services and security diminishes, as some leaders use the epidemic to take repressive measures, protecting the most vulnerable groups becomes more difficult. This is especially true in conflict areas, where civilians are already at great risk. In some cases, the 2019 coronavirus pandemic may even prompt warring parties to strive to gain an advantage, or launch a violent attack when international attention shifts elsewhere.

Guterres pointed out that where armed conflicts continue, coronavirus disease 2019 makes the protection of civilians more challenging than ever, and the support of the international community is more important than ever. He emphasized that only through respect for human rights and international humanitarian and refugee law can civilians be protected, including health and humanitarian workers and infrastructure, and the pressure on the health system can be reduced.
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