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Broderick pointed out that this situation is the latest example of restrictions and retrogression patterns in the nationwide access to legal abortion care. Experts worry, “If there is no clear political will to reverse this restrictive retrogressive trend, the states will continue to pursue this model.”

The working group stated that in the current crisis, due to isolation and blockades, women had to work hard to cope with the new mobility restrictions, and their access to abortion services was crucial.

Broderick said: “We are also seriously concerned that government officials do not allow women to receive time-sensitive abortion care, which puts women at risk and exacerbates systemic inequality. For many women in the United States In other words, prohibiting abortion during a pandemic will delay abortion care beyond the time limit prescribed by law or render abortion services completely unavailable. ”

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Experts pointed out that the restrictions on basic reproductive health services will undermine the public health department’s efforts to respond to the 2019 coronavirus disease outbreak. Where abortion bans are implemented, women will be forced to leave the state where they live to have an abortion, thereby risking their health and ignoring public health guidelines.

Broderick said: “Abortion care is basic medical care and must be maintained during the New Crown Crisis. Restrictions on access to comprehensive reproductive health information and services such as abortion and contraception constitute human rights violations and may cause irreversible harm, Especially for low-income women and women from minority groups and immigrant communities. ”

Experts emphasized that “refusing women to obtain the information and services they need and failing to address women ’s specific health and safety issues is discriminatory in itself and hinders women ’s control of their bodies and lives.”

The working group also expressed “extreme concern” about the argument that the United States insisted in a letter to the UN Secretary-General from its International Development Agency on May 18. In this letter, the United States insisted on removing the reference to “sexual and reproductive health and related services” from the “Global New Crown Humanitarian Response Plan.”

Broderick, the UN Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls, said: “We reiterate that sexual and reproductive health services, including access to safe and legal abortions, are essential and must remain a priority for the UN to respond to the new crown pandemic A key component. Deleting sexual and reproductive health from the global response plan will have devastating consequences for women around the world. This will seriously undermine the joint efforts of the international community to respond to women ’s health needs in times of crisis. ”
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