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The vertical bucky stand is a kind of up and down moving camera auxiliary device which is matched with the medical X-ray machine. It can be used with all kinds of X-ray machines for X-ray examination of the chest, head, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body. It is convenient to use and is a necessary routine equipment for the radiology department (room) of various medical units.
Shandong Newheek imaging equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vertical bucky stand, producing various types of bucky stand machine, including manual bucky stand, electric bucky stand Dr special bucky stand and side film, front filmbucky stand, which can meet the different purchasing needs of customers. For more than 20 years since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of X-ray machine accessories such as chest X-ray frame. At present, the production of bucky stand, high-voltage cable, hand switch, beamer and other products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions at home and abroad, is a relatively seniorbucky stand manufacturers.
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