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Bucky Stand with Xray Grid

The Xray grid of Newheek is an optional device for bucky stand, but there is also a fixed filter screen bucky grid stand.
The cassette size is 17 “X17”. When purchasing this bucky stand, the grid ratio of the standard configuration filter grids is 10:1. If you feel that the grids ratio is not suitable for your own use, you can contact our sales staff for adjustment and customization. We can choose 8:1, 10:1 and 12:1 for the grate ratio of our bucky stand.
The grid ratio is 10:1, the gate density is 40 /cm, and the convergence distance is 180cm.
At this stage, there are more customers using a grid ratio of 8:1, and if the standard grid ratio is not suitable, we can customize it for you.
Welcome to buy the bucky stand of the fixed filter grid.

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