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Bucky wall stand for chest and abdomen

One of the important configurations of the X-ray machine is the bucky wall stand, which is an important tool if we want to complete the whole process of photo examination.
Bucky wall stand is also called chest film frame or photo frame. It is mainly used for photo examination of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body.The simple chest film holder is composed of a column, a slide frame and a film clip. It can be used for the cassette of ordinary X-ray film of all sizes, THE IP board of CR and the detector with (without) wire plate.
Bucky wall stand main technical parameters:
1. The total height of the frame is 1500mm (1800mm can be customized);
2. The frame width is 455mm;
3. The minimum stroke of the camera box is 1000mm;
4. Recommended installation height: ≥500mm from the ground
5. Slot width ≤35mm (compatible with most DR flat detector, CR IP board and ordinary cassette);
6. Maximum film size: unlimited (adjustable clip spacing);
7. Installation method: hanging on the wall (500mm away from the ground is recommended);
8. Suitable size of clip: 5 “×7” — 17 “×17” or larger.
9. It can be equipped with a movable pedestal.

Introduction to wall mounted bucky stand X ray

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