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Carry out mobile car  x ray bucky stand


As more and more hospitals, more and more medical devices are needed, more and more medical device factories and more and more fierce competition, each company has its own main products, our company recently developed A vehicle-mounted chest X-ray holder. Then many people have come to ask, what is a car-mounted chest frame?

The car-mounted x ray bucky stand  is based on the original base with a wheel on the bottom, which can be pushed back and forth. Is it more convenient to have such a wheel? In the past, it could only be limited to one place, and the inspection was carried out in a specific place, but as more and more inspections were made, there were also people with physical discomfort and behavioral inconvenience. These people could not do it. So I came up with a bold guess. Pressing the four wheels under the chest frame and pushing it away would be a lot more convenient, so I developed this car chest frame. As shown below:




In the past, this was not the case with the on-board chest stand. The chest stand is at the rear of the car. Due to the fact that people will slip if they stand up, if it is really behind it, it is definitely very dangerous. It is easy to fall to the ground. In view of this consideration, the wheel is placed in front of you without having to step on it, which is relatively safe.

But some people will ask, what about children or short ones? This problem is easy to solve. Just put a small stool in front of the  x ray bucky standgraph stand and step on it. The car  x ray bucky standgraph stand can be used anytime and anywhere. The main thing is to facilitate people to use it. There are many problems. ”

Someone will ask if this car chest stand has the same function as a vertical chest stand? This is the same, except that a four-wheeled vehicle is added to the original. The other functions are exactly the same. This is like a truck pulling goods.

Speaking of which, I believe all friends understand it, if you want to continue to understand, please call our company!

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