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Classification of bucky diagnost

bucky diagnost
The difference between the bucky diagnost is mainly in the bucky part, the way the bucky lifts and the type of bucky diagnost are the key points for customers to choose the bucky diagnost.
Electric movable bucky diagnost: the elevation of the bucky is regulated by the button. The whole frame can be moved and the direction can be changed at will. It is more convenient to use.
Fixed-type electric bucky diagnost: the bucky lifting mode is electric, using buttons to adjust, the whole frame is fixed on the ground, not free to rotate, but cheaper, safer machinery.
Mobile manual bucky diagnost: the bucky is adjusted and lifted by hand, and the whole photo frame can be moved at will.
Manual fixed bucky diagnost: manually adjust the bucky, and the bucky diagnost is fixed on the ground.

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