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Components of a bucky stand

bucky stand usually consists of the following parts:
1. Bracket: The structure used to support the entire X-ray bucky stand, usually made of metal material, with strength and stability.
2. Crossbar: Located above the bracket, it is used to fix the chest piece, usually made of metal, detachable and adjustable.
3. Vertical bar: located on one or both sides of the bracket, used to adjust the height and angle of the horizontal bar, usually also made of metal material, detachable and adjustable.
4. Film clamp: The structure used to clamp the film, usually made of plastic material, has certain flexibility and stability.
5. Vision mark: a structure used to mark the centerline of the crossbar, usually made of plastic material, with certain durability and clarity.
6. Wheels: used for the movement of the bucky stand, usually made of rubber material, with a certain degree of cushioning and stability.
The above are the main components of the X-ray bucky stand, and the specific models and brands may be slightly different. We are a company specializing in the production of X-ray machines and their accessories, with a complete range of bucky stands. If you need, welcome to contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953613955. Email:

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