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Introduction to our vertical bucky stand

The bucky stand, also known as the chest stand, is an auxiliary device for taking pictures that is matched with a medical X-ray machine and can move up and down. X-ray examination of various parts.
Our company produces a complete range of X-ray bucky stands, including vertical models, wall-mounted models, fixed models, mobile models and so on. Today we mainly talk about the vertical bucky stand. Our vertical bucky stand has four types: side output film, full film, DR special model, and cart type. The side output model can be divided into right output film and right output film. The left side output and side output models can not only place flat panel detectors of different sizes, but also can place grids at the same time to meet the needs of most customers. It is also the most cost-effective  stand of our company. The front mount can accommodate flat panel detectors with a height of 49 cm and an unlimited width.
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