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Customer asks how to choose the right bucky stand

A few days ago, I received a call from a customer who said that they were a private hospital and wanted to buy some chest frames for use. However, I was puzzled about how to buy a suitable chest frame, so I became a customer explaining how to choose a chest frame.

With the rapid development of science and technology, digital image has become an inevitable trend in the development of medical image in the future, and the digitalization of general amplifier is a problem that many hospitals need to solve urgently at present. Therefore, how to choose a suitable Dr has become a problem that many hospitals are facing or will face. Some hospitals have used or contacted Dr before, and have some knowledge about Dr selection, but more hospitals have not used Dr, so it is difficult to select Dr as a new digital imaging equipment. Here I recommend newheek bucky stand ,what should we pay attention to when we choose a DR chest frame? I think there are mainly four aspects, according to the patient volume and workflow of the hospital, the selection of models, the inspection of image quality, the evaluation of operation convenience, long-term after-sales maintenance service, etc.

First of all, image quality inspection. In order to achieve good image quality, each hospital should select Dr from two aspects: hardware, detector material and software image post-processing technology

Operation convenience evaluation: when choosing Dr, each hospital should evaluate the operation convenience of the equipment. The convenient equipment can greatly save the inspection time, improve the inspection efficiency and increase the utilization rate of the equipment within the unit time. The convenience of Dr operation can be evaluated from two aspects of hardware and software

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