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customer buy the mobile bucky stand in a hurry

customer call for mobile bucky stand , we introduced the function parameters and other information of the bucky stand for the customer, and sent to customer operating video, he was very interested in our products. The hospital reply to determine to buy it at about 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon , because the hospital have special plans for vacation, asked we ship out the bucky stand before the holiday .
First of all, we have confirmed with the warehouse that there is still a mobile bucky stand and the packaging wooden box in stock. We replied to the customer immediately and we can work overtime to deliver the goods to the customer on the same day.The customer paid for the goods in advance. While we negotiated and signed the contract, we asked the warehouse to pack and prepare the goods, and at the same time, we informed the logistics company to pick up the goods.After the cooperation of warehouse, quality inspection, operation and other departments, we sent out the bucky stand ordered by customers timely .Due to the urgency of time,and the bucky stand belongs to medical equipment. We will communicate with the customer after the data festival to supplement one by one.
Generally, the stock up cycle of the mobile bucky stand is 7 working days after payment. It is recommended that customers make plans early and reserve sufficient stocking time.If you are also interested in a mobile bucky stand, please leave a message or call us.

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