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vertical x ray bucky stand

The vertical x ray bucky stand is easy to operate and has become a necessary routine medical equipment in the radiology department of all levels of hospitals and medical institutions.Chest radiography stand is a kind of medical X-ray radiography device. The vertical chest radiography stand is mainly used for X-ray radiography of head, chest, abdomen, joints and other parts of the human body by cooperating with various X-ray machines. The vertical chest radiography stand is an auxiliary device that can move up and down.
This vertical x ray bucky stand product is composed of column, slide frame, sheet box and balancing device, which can be adapted to wireless DR flat detector of different sizes, CR IP board and ordinary X-ray film cassette.
Vertical x ray bucky stand main technical parameters:
1. Maximum stroke of the camera box: 1100mm;
2. Slot width is suitable for boards with thickness < 20mm;
3. The highest center point of the box is 1620mm from the ground
4. Maximum film size: 5 “×7” -14 “×17”;
5. Filter grid (optional) :
Grid density: 40 lines /cm;
Grid ratio: 10:1;
Convergence distance: 180cm

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