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Customer Enquiry DR Bucky Stand Exported to South Africa

Customers call for DR bucky stand export to South Africa. Because the customer wants DR buck stand, we recommend NKDRSY vertical bucky stand to him.
The DR bucky stand is an accessory equipment of X-ray machine. The combined function of X-ray machine and the equipment is used to conduct photography on human head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts.
We Newheek DR bucky stand this device consists of three parts: a box cover, a slide rail, and a cassette. The travel of the camera frame is not less than 1400mm. Move the device to make the vertical center of the camera box coincide with the center of the tube to maintain the best definition of the film. The device is equipped with four pulleys, which is convenient to move, and the device can be positioned arbitrarily within the vertical up and down movement range, and it is easy to operate during filming.Flexible and reliable, widely used.
In addition to the DR bucky stand, Newheek also provides a variety of bucky stand such as wall mounted, side-out film, trolley-type, etc., if you are interested, please call for consultation.

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