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Vertical Movable Bucky Stand

The vertical movable bucky stand is mainly used for X-ray photography of head, chest, abdomen and joints by cooperating with various X-ray machines. The vertical movable bucky stand is an auxiliary device with a base and four pulleys, which can be moved, convenient and reliable.
Because of the convenient operation of the vertical movable bucky stand, it has become the necessary conventional medical equipment in various medical institutions. Now in the medical device market, there are more brands and styles of vertical movable bucky stand, so what kind of vertical movable bucky stand can meet the requirements more? Our company Newheek has been producing vertical movable bucky stand for many years, occupying a large market share, and has a certain right to speak on the standard of vertical movable bucky stand. Medical institutions can refer to some standards and characteristics of nk17fy model produced by Newheek when purchasing vertical movable bucky stand.
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