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Customer inquires about bucky stand and fixed grid

Recently, the company’s website received such a call. The customer asked about the bucky stand plus fixed grid. The bucky stand plus fixed grid is suitable for Wandong Mobile DR. The size of the tablet is 17*17. Other parameters are not mentioned. The customer confirms the thickness of the flat panel. Normally, our bucky stand and fixed grid are equipped with ordinary grids. The grid size is 18*18, the grid ratio is 10:1, the grid density is 103L/in, and the focal length is 1.8 meters. The parameters of the grid need to be confirmed by the panel manufacturer to see if it can be matched.
The customer finally confirmed that the thickness of the tablet is between 1.5 and 1.6 cm, and it needs to be added with the ordinary grid provided by us. At present, if you want a fixed chest radiograph frame with a fixed grid, the price is *yuan. The customer said to go to the hospital Let’s talk about it, it is determined that we need to purchase 4 units, and we will wait for customer news tomorrow.

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