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Customers buy back electric bucky stand

Recently, a customer repurchased our electric bucky stand. This customer has already bought an electric bucky stand before, and thinks it is working well, so he buys it again. As everyone knows, our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of X-ray machines and X-ray machine accessories. The electric bucky stand is one of our best sellers. According to the type of power, there are manual and electric models. What is the difference between electric bucky stand and manual bucky stand? I have summarized the following points:
The most important thing is of course motivation. The manual bucky stand is manually lifted and lowered. The steel wire rope is pulled by the counterweight to realize the lifting of the film box, and the film box is manually positioned according to the specific shooting position. The electric bucky stand can be raised and lowered electrically, and the lifting and positioning of the film box is controlled by the remote control
The itinerary is different. The stroke of the manual bucky stand is 1100mm, and the highest shooting position of the mobile model is 2 meters. The travel of the electric bucky stand model is 1000mm, and the highest film position of the mobile model is 1.9 meters.

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