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What does DR bucky stand do?

Customers are not very familiar with DR bucky stand, so they asked us a lot of questions. What does DR bucky stand do? Explain to customers that DR bucky stand is also called Dbucky stand and chest frame, and DR bucky stand is really for mobile The bucky stand equipped with dr equipment is called DR bucky stand. Bucky stand can be used not only with mobile dr, but also with X-ray machine. Simply put, DR bucky stand is a shelf for imaging equipment, and imaging equipment refers to Film cassettes, CR IP boards, DR flat-panel detectors, and mobile dr imaging equipment are flat-panel detectors. Through our introduction, customers understand the role of DR bucky stand.
Inform customers that they need to know what size and thickness flat panel detectors need to be used in the hospital, so that a suitable flat panel detector can be recommended in a targeted manner.
If you also need to equip the mobile dr with DR bucky stand, you can contact us to recommend it for you.

DR bucky stand

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