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Do you know bucky stand?

Do you know bucky stand? Do you know where bucky mobile is used? As an accessory for X-ray machines, where is bucky mobile mainly used?
Today, Xiaobian mainly talks about Newheek’s hot product bucky mobile.
Simply put, Newheek bucky mobile is a radiography aid that can be used to move up and down with a medical X-ray machine. Bucky mobile can be used with any X-ray machine, including U-arm, C-arm and G-arm etc. Bucky mobile’s main function is to match the X-ray machine to the human body’s chest, head, abdomen and X-ray examination of the pelvic bones and other parts. Bucky mobile is very convenient to use and is a must-have device for radiology departments in various medical units.
Does Newheek's bucky stand contain a filter grille

Bucky stand classification

Bucky stand installs the moving base
What are the purchases of the bucky mobile standard:
The quality of bucky mobile on the market is currently uneven, and according to Newheek’s standards, as follows:
1. Compact shape, exquisite structure, novel and beautiful appearance;

2, using fixed hand ring bolt positioning, small footprint, easy to operate;

3. The distance from the panel to the film is short, and the photographic distortion is small;

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