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Side-mounted piece bucky stand four ways to use

Recently, according to the needs of customers, Newheek has launched a side mount piece stand x ray, bucky stand is a clip that can be pulled out from the side, can be loaded with ip board, flat panel detector, CR cassette, etc. Wait, let’s take a look at the use of the side-mounted chest piece holder and its precautions.

1. Hold the handle of the car, pull out the car inside the camera, and snap the selected cassette (or IP board) into the moving cassette. Push the moving clip down to make the cassette (or IP board) Inside the upper and lower clips, and clamped;
Does Newheek's bucky stand contain a filter grille

Bucky stand installation

Bucky stand installs the moving base
2. Push the car into the box and tighten it;

3. Loosen the locking handle, press the camera part, adjust the height of the frame to reach the appropriate height of the camera box. After adjusting, lock the handle to take a picture.

4. When the film is complete, pull out the car and take the cassette (or IP board) out of the holder; push the cart into the cassette. Note: When the cassette (or IP board) is removed, the moving clip should be slowly lowered to prevent the rebound force from being too strong, causing damage to the clip and the slider.

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