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DR mobile Erect Bucky

Newheek Bucky stand has a very wide variety, of which DR mobile erect Bucky belongs to Newheek’s more upscale erect bucky. DR mobile erect Bucky makes use of the combination of medical X-ray machine and the device, which has been used in medical institutions, to examine the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body, so as to diagnose the lesion. The generic name of this product is erect bucky, and its commodity name is DR mobile erect bucky.

Newheek DR mobile erect Bucky is suitable for different size DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards and dark boxes.
Newheek DR mobile erect Bucky is composed of pillars, sliders, cartridges, balancing devices and mobile base.
1. The maximum distance of moving the cartridge up and down is 1100 mm.
2. The left and right deviations between the center of DR flat panel detector and the center of the cartridge are not more than +5 mm.
3. Within the range of travel, the deviation between left and right of cartridge center is not more than (+5 mm).
4. Dimensions of DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards and dark boxes:
5. The maximum size of DR flat panel detectors: 17’*17′.
6. CR IP board/dark box maximum size: 17’*17′.
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