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Fixed and mobile bucky stands

Bucky stand is one of our company’s best-selling products, bucky stand can be divided into fixed and mobile. Fixed bucky stands are fixed on the wall and fixed on the ground. Those who fix to the wall need screws to nail it to the wall, while those who fix to the ground need expansion screws to nail it to the ground. Once fixed, it cannot be moved. People need to go to a specific place to take a chest radiograph. Many hospitals have special rooms and prefer fixed ones. The mobile type has a mobile base that can move back and forth between rooms. It is usually used in conjunction with a mobile X-ray machine. People can go to a specific place and only need to move the bucky stand to achieve filming. This kind of bucky stand is now more popular, and our company is an excellent manufacturer of mobile bucky stands in China. Welcome to consult and buy!

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