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Four types of Newheek bucky stand

Speaking of bucky stands, it is not unfamiliar to people. This is a special examination of the body’s head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts to achieve diagnostic purposes. It just happens that Newheek is also a manufacturer of bucky stands. There are four categories of bucky stands produced by Newheek. Let me introduce you one by one.
Someone will ask, what are the four major categories of bucky stands you produce? Let me tell you about it! One is a simple bucky stand, which is the oldest bucky stand, consisting of a simple bracket and film box, which is also the simplest and has a low cost
The second type is the conventional bucky stand. This type of bucky stand is widely used and can be divided into mobile and vertical. It is mainly composed of components such as wire grids, cassette drawers, uprights, and carriage frames. If it is mobile, you can add a mobile base, which is more common and the most used in hospitals.
The third type is the DR bucky stand, which is also common in hospitals, and is also divided into mobile and fixed
The last type is the electric bucky stand. This is a new product that our company has just developed. It adds a motor to the original base and uses a wireless remote control to control the lifting of the film box. After the doctor’s work, it is more convenient to use, and it is currently the best one sold by our company, as shown below:

Use of bucky radiology

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