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Function of Electric X-ray Bucky Stand

X-ray bucky stand is an auxiliary equipment of X-ray machine. The combined function of X-ray machine and the equipment is used to conduct vertical photography on human head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts. Our company’s production of X-ray bucky stand is mainly divided into mobile, fixed, electric, manual and DR dedicated bucky stand.
X-ray Bucky Stand
Electric X-ray Bucky Stand is also known as chest X-ray stand, and its commercial name is X-ray vertical bucky stand. Today, we introduce electric X-ray bucky stand. The electric X-ray X-ray bucky stand can be made into fixed or mobile style, which can be customized according to different needs of customers.

Our electric X-ray bucky stand is equipped with a remote control, which can control the rise and fall of the film cassette after the power is turned on. Through remote control, the film box can be more convenient to stay in the appropriate position, and help to detect different parts of the human body. It is more convenient, labor-saving and efficient than manual operation. Our X-ray electric bucky stand can also be made into side loading film or front loading film according to customer requirements.

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