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Gansu customers inquire about bucky stand

Gansu customers inquired about the mobile DR bucky stand of Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Cable Co., Ltd., and asked a hospital about the mobile type. Ask the customer what size and thickness of the flat panel detector currently used by the end customer, we can match the appropriate Yes, the customer reported that the end customer uses a 14*17 board, and the specific thickness is not clear. Tell the customer that our chest film holder slot is suitable for boards with a thickness of less than 20mm, and can also be customized. The customer said that the hospital is currently useless. After waiting for the customer’s reply, we have sent pictures and videos of the DR-specific flat panel detector to the customer, but no quotation. Our chest film racks have various styles, cart type, wall-mounted type, side-out type, DR special type, etc., and can recommend more suitable ones according to the specific needs of customers.

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