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How many Bucky Stand does Newheek have?

Use of bucky radiology

The Bucky Stand is generally used in conjunction with a medical X-ray machine. It is equipped with a camera assisting device that can move up and down. It can be used with various X-ray machines to perform various parts of the human body such as the chest, head, abdomen and pelvis. X-ray film inspection.

Newheek has a wide range of Bucky Stands, and most of the Bucky Stand we find on the market are available.

Newheek mainly has fixed manual Bucky Stand, fixed point Bucky Stand, mobile manual Bucky Stand, mobile electric Bucky Stand, side mounted Bucky Stand, dressing Bucky Stand and wall-mounted Bucky Stands and the like can be combined in various ways to meet the different needs of customers.

Film cassette unit

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