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Use of bucky radiology

Bucky radiology is used for human body shooting and combined with X-ray machine. As an annual physical examination item, chest radiography is a kind of general X-ray photography for its radiation risk to human body.
Newheek bucky stand has been improved to significantly reduce the radiation level. Bucky radiology is easy to operate, beautiful in shape, can be moved up and down, and can be used for whole body X-ray photography with accurate positioning, convenient loading and unloading and professional use.
Fast imaging speed, shooting without waiting.The imaging area is large and the detector can be used in a variety of ways and angles.
Use of bucky radiology
Bucky radiology upgrade program has low cost, good performance, can be used for many years, and high cost performance, which can increase the economic benefits of the hospital. Improve the social benefits and brand image of the hospital. The flat plate can be moved arbitrarily between bucky radiology and the radiography bed of ordinary radiology radiology machine to realize the sharing of real meaning.It makes the general X-ray machine realize digital photography completely and does not completely change the existing working mode and process, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the radiology department.
Our bucky radiology can meet your different needs.

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