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How much does the simplest bucky stand cost?

bucky stand is also called vertical bucky stand, vertical chest film stand, etc. It is an auxiliary device for shooting deflection that is matched with medical X-ray machines and can move up and down. , abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body are subjected to X-ray examinations, and the photographing frame is a necessary routine medical equipment for the radiology department of each medical unit. The simple chest X-ray stand is simple in structure, high in quality and low in price, and is suitable for small hospitals or clinics. There are many types of chest X-ray racks: vertical chest X-ray racks, conventional chest X-ray racks, DR chest X-ray racks, and electric chest X-ray racks. The vertical film stand has side output, front mount, DR special model and trolley type. Grids can be placed to meet the needs of most customers. The front mount can accommodate flat panel detectors with a height of 49 cm and an unlimited width. When placing the flat-panel detector, carefully push the clip down gently so that the center line of the flat-panel detector is aligned with the center notch of the chest frame, and then the flat-panel detector is stuck in the card holder, and the hand is released . Many customers are also curious about the price of chest X-ray racks. In fact, the prices of different types of chest X-ray racks are also different. Our chest X-ray racks are customized under the condition of ensuring the maximum profit for customers, and we have an absolute advantage in terms of price and quality. At the same time, the qualifications of the chest X-ray racks we produce are complete. Our company is a professional manufacturer of X-ray machine equipment, if you want to consult other questions about chest X-ray stand, or need to buy bucky stand or other products, welcome your call. Tel: 18953679166

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