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How to choose an electric rays equipment stand?

The electric rays equipment stand is that the mode of the film box of the film rack will be electrically operated, and the button will be automatically lifted and lowered by pressing the button. After reaching the appropriate position, the button will be loosened.
There are two kinds of stationary bucky stand and moving film rack in the electric rays equipment stand.
The movable electric rays equipment stand has small volume and light weight, which saves transportation cost for users; the pillar of the rays equipment stand uses high strength aluminium alloy, with T-grooves on both sides, streamline design on the base, high strength anti-winding mute medical wheel and ergonomic handle on the back, which can be easily moved and hidden. Power line design.
Fixed the electric rays equipment stand to place the rays equipment stand on the flat hard ground 180 cm away from the ball tube, make the vertical center of the camera box coincide with the center of the ball tube. After correct adjustment, align the four through-hole centers of the bottom of the column of the device, install four expansion screws of M 8 with electric hammer, and then tighten them.
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