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How to install and use the vertical bucky stand

According to a report by the Japanese Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 16th, after being parked for more than three months, the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship that had an outbreak of a new coronary pneumonia mass infection left the port of Yokohama, Japan, to the next stop Malaysia.
According to reports, the “Diamond Princess” completed all disinfection and quarantine work in March this year, and had also briefly left Yokohama Port before. Up to now, the cruise ship has stayed in the port for more than 3 months. According to the operating company, after this departure, the “Diamond Princess” will restart the tourist route.
“Diamond Princess” cruise ship is British, with about 3700 passengers and crew. Passengers come from many countries and regions, most of them are Japanese, and more than half of the passengers are elderly people over 70 years old. The cruise departed from Yokohama on January 20 this year, and arrived in Yokohama on February 4 after passing through many places, ending the entire voyage. Subsequently, the Japanese government conducted successive virus tests on the people on board, and stipulated that everyone on the cruise except those who were diagnosed with the infection would be quarantined for 14 days from February 5.
Regarding the causes of cruise outbreaks of collective infections, the WHO Health Emergency Program Director Michael Ryan once pointed out that some infectious diseases “sometimes can be transmitted more efficiently in specific environments”, and cruise ships are particularly convenient for accelerating the spread of viruses. Some experts believe that the isolation of the Diamond Princess itself is not strict, and some Japanese health officials have also been infected while assisting in the isolation verification on board.

In fact, it is very simple to place the vertical bucky stand on a flat hard surface 180cm away from the tube, so that the vertical center of the film box is.The center of the tube coincides. After the adjustment is correct, aim at the center of the four φ8.5 through holes at the bottom of the column of the vertical bucky stand, use a hammer to install four M8 expansion screws, and then tighten.



1) Open the door of the photo cassette box, snap the selected cassette into the clip, push it down to put the cassette in the card holder, and then let go, the cassette will be automatically locked;

2) Close the box door;

3) Select the shooting conditions according to the shooting position and adjust the appropriate height of the photo box to shoot. that’s it.

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