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How to install the X-ray bucky stand mobile base?

X-ray bucky stand is a film device that moves up and down. Compact structure, novel and beautiful shape, easy to use, safe and reliable. X-ray bucky stand is equipped with metal density filter grid and stainless steel drawer. The film bucky is accurately positioned and easy to load and unload. Vertical X-ray bucky stand can take X-ray photography of various parts of the human body, such as the chest, abdomen, head, lateral position and joints, etc., all of which can obtain good image quality.
X ray bucky stand
The Newheek X-ray bucky stand can be equipped with a mobile base, and it is easy to install. It only needs to be punched and fixed in the mobile base.The mobile X-ray bucky stand is usually about two meters high. It is mainly composed of vertical column, sliding frame, bucky, balance device and mobile base. Customers can choose the filter grid.
The static X-ray receiving method of Newheek X-ray bucky stand is divided into three types, which can be selected according to the needs.
X ray bucky stand

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