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How to use the wall-mounted bucky stand?

As a common medical equipment, the wall-mounted bucky stand is widely used in radiology, medical imaging examination and other fields. This article will introduce the basic structure and usage of the wall-mounted bucky stand, and help users better understand and use this device correctly.
The structure of the wall-mounted bucky stand: It is composed of a main body bracket, an adjustment rod, a tray and a fixing device. The main frame is generally fixed on the wall, which has high stability and load-bearing capacity. The adjustment rod can be adjusted up, down, left, and right, and front and back, so as to meet the needs of filming in different positions. The tray is used to place X-ray films or other medical image carriers to be taken. Fixtures are used to secure and lock the adjustment rod and tray in the desired position.
Steps to use the wall mount bucky stand:
2.1 Install the wall-mounted bucky stand: first select the installation location according to the actual situation of the place of use to ensure that the wall is solid and reliable. Then install the main body bracket according to the equipment manual and installation requirements. Make sure the bracket is securely installed, properly adjusted and secured.
2.2 Adjust the position of the tray: according to actual needs, use the adjustment lever to adjust the tray to the desired position. The up-down, left-right and front-back directions can be adjusted according to specific requirements to ensure that the X-ray film to be taken is fully in contact with the light.
2.3 Place the X-ray films to be taken: Place the X-ray films or other medical image carriers to be taken on the adjusted tray. Make sure to place it flat and avoid sliding and bumping to ensure clear shooting results.
2.4 Locking the adjusting rod and tray: Use the fixing device to lock the adjusting rod and the tray to ensure that its position will not be moved accidentally. This can reduce unstable factors in the shooting process and improve the accuracy and clarity of the shooting results.
2.5 Shooting and adjustment: According to the specific medical imaging inspection requirements, use the corresponding equipment to shoot, and adjust and repeat the shooting in time to ensure high-quality images.
Note: When using the wall-mounted bucky stand, pay attention to the operating specifications, follow the safe use requirements in the equipment manual, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. When taking X-rays, you should pay attention to radiation protection measures to protect the safety of yourself and patients. Regularly inspect and maintain your wall mount to keep it functional and safe.
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