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How to use x ray bucky stand?

The Bucky Stand is easy to operate according to the height of different people and the difference of detection parts.
And can use with U-arm,Radiology Table and X Ray System.
Simple and elegant appearance, simple operation, small footprint.

Newheek’s Bucky Stand can be combined in different forms: manual, electric, mobile, stationary.
Can be matched with each other, and can be combined in different forms according to your needs.

A bucky is typically used for table or wall mounted x-ray systems and holds the x-ray cassette and grid. A bucky, is a device found underneath the exam table, a drawer like device that the cassette and grid is slid into before shooting x-ray.
The most common bucky size grids are 17 1/4 x 18 7/8, 17 1/4 x 17 3/4, and 18 x 18. Buckys are found in both medical and verterinarian offices.
There is nothing special about a bucky grid other than its size.

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