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Bucky stand classification

The bucky stand is an important part of the X-ray machine. Newheek bucky stand can be assembled into different models according to actual use:
1, size :14 “x17” or 17 “x17”
2, fixed or mobile
3. Wireless or wired DR type
4. Manual or electric
Bucky stand classification
Newheek bucky stand is detailed into these eight models:
NK14SG, 14 “x17 “bucky, manual lifting, fixed installation.
NK17SG, 17 “X17 “bucky, manual lifting and fixed installation.
NK14DG, 14 “x17 “bucky, electric lift fixed installation.
NK17DG, 17 “x17” bucky, electric lift and fixed installation.
NKDRSG, DR type, manual lifting, fixed installation.
NKDRSY, DR, manual lift, movement type.
NKDRDG, DR type, electric lifting fixed installation.
NKDRDY, DR type, electric lift, mobile type.
Newheek bucky stand is compact in appearance, compact in structure, novel and beautiful in shape, and is positioned with fixed bracelet bolt, which covers a small area and is easy to operate. The distance from the panel to the film is short and the photographic distortion is small.
Moreover, our bucky stand can be equipped with filter grid and mobile base.
Newheek bucky stand can meet your different purchasing needs.

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