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inquiry of wall-mounted bucky stand

Do you know wall-mounted bucky stand?
Wall-mounted Bucky Stand- Suitable for radiography on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity, and extremities.
Structure: The device consists of a bucky tray set, a pair of track and a balance device.
Applicable to different sizes of normal x ray cassettes, CR cassette and DR flat panel detector.
wall bucky stand
1. Overall height 1500mm (accept customized height max. 1800mm)
2. Width: 455mm;
3. Minimum travel: 1000mm;
4. Max bucky size: free size;
5. Install: mounted on the wall (suggest 500mm above floor)
Mr. A of the United States asked Newheek for details of the wall-mounted bucky stand. After I sent the information of our Newheek wall-mounted bucky stand to Mr. A, he said that our products are very satisfied.
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