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Installation and use of our vertical bucky stand

The vertical bucky stand for medical diagnosis is used to examine the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body by the combination of the existing medical X-ray machine and this device in medical institutions, so as to achieve the purpose of diagnosing lesions.Vertical bucky stand is composed of vertical column, pulley frame, film box (the box is equipped with a pull-out film car) and balance device.
1. Install
The vertical camera stand is placed on the flat hard ground 180cm from the ball tube, so that the camera box vertical center and the ball tube center coincidence, after correct adjustment, alignment device column bottom four 8.5 through hole center, with electric hammer hole installation of four M8 expansion screws, and then tighten it;After the adjustment is correct, you can shoot.
2. Use
(1) Hold the handle of the film handle, pull out the film car in the film box, insert the selected film box (or IP plate, DR detector) into the moving film clip, push down to move the film clip, and place the film box (or IP plate, DR detector) in the upper and lower film clip, and clamp tightly;(2) Push the tablet cart into the box and tighten it;
(3) Loosen the lock handle and adjust the height of the pulley frame according to the shooting position to reach the appropriate height of the shooting box. After adjustment, lock the handle and you can shoot.
(4) After the film is completed, pull out the film car and take the film box (or IP plate, DR detector) out of the film clip;And push the film cart into the film box.Note: When the chip box (or IP plate, DR detector) is taken out, make the moving chip clip fall back slowly to prevent the damage of the chip clip and slide block caused by too strong backforce.
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