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X-ray wall mount bucky stand selected by African customers

Everyone knows that bucky stands are mainly used with X-ray machines. At present, there are mainly fixed bucky stands and mobile bucky stands on the market. The X-ray machines equipped include ordinary cassette X-ray machines, CR and DR. Not long ago, an African customer inquired about the X-ray wall mount bucky stand and wanted our company to make a special customization. According to the customer’s parameters and price needs, our company designed a simple X-ray wall mount bucky stands. The device consists of a column, a sliding frame, The film holder and the balance device are composed of several parts, which are suitable for use with different sizes of cassettes, CR IP boards and flat panel detectors with (no) wires. Here is an introduction to the characteristics of this X-ray wall mount bucky stands:
1. The appearance design is simple and generous
2. Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to disassemble and easy to carry
3. Small size and light weight, saving transportation costs for users
4. L-shaped rotating handle design, convenient for the operator to move the film cart up and down
5. Protective buffer design
6, easy to find the focus
7. Card slot width 35mm design
Dear agents and users, when you see this, you should know what equipment the X-ray bucky stands is equipped with. If you have a new R&D project, you may as well propose it. If the customer demand is large, our products can be based on the customer’s Customized for special requirements.

X-ray wall mount bucky stand

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