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Installation of mobile bucky stand

Many customers, after purchasing our mobile bucky stand, worry that they will not install it, and ask us if we provide on-site installation services. We answered that we do not install the mobile bucky stand for customers. First, because some customers are far away, the cost of long-distance business trips is higher for engineers. Second, the installation of mobile bucky stand is very simple, and most users can complete it according to the instructions. Installation, if there are any problems during the installation of the mobile bucky stand, we can also provide remote online guidance to assist users in the installation.
Then the user can use it normally after completing the following steps in accordance with the instruction manual:
After laying down the column of the mobile bucky stand, align the four screw holes of the base with the four through holes of φ8.5 at the bottom of the column, and then tighten it with four M8 screws. At the same time, the column and the bottom of the base The two arrows of the label are facing each other.
Slowly raise the mobile bucky stand and place it on a flat and hard surface 180cm away from the tube, so that the vertical center of the film box coincides with the center of the tube to maintain the best definition of the film;
After adjusting the position, lock the two front brake wheels, and you can take the film at this time.


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