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Private clinic customer inquiries chest bucky

A few days ago, a client from a private clinic inquired about chest bucky to take pictures for the patient to check. Through communication, I learned that the client’s clinic is small and the budget for purchasing the chest bucky is not high. We recommend a simple wall-mounted chest bucky for the client, as shown in the figure,
This chest bucky can be fixed on the wall or cabinet with expansion screws. It is composed of brackets, slide rails, film clips, balance devices and expansion screws. It is suitable for various sizes of flat panel detectors, film cassettes and CR IP boards.
The advantages of this chest bucky are:
1. Low price and high cost performance
2. Small footprint, light weight, convenient assembly, saving transportation costs
3. Simple and elegant, beautiful, can meet different scenarios, easy to operate and use
4. L-shaped rotating handle design
5. Protective cushion, easy to find the center

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