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Introduction of electric bucky stand

Electric bucky stand is a kind of vertical bucky stand. It is an accessory equipment of X-ray machine. The head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body are examined by the combination of medical X-ray machine and this device, so as to diagnose the focus.

The electric bucky stand consists of a column assembly, a photo cassette assembly, an electric device and a mobile device. The bucky stand travel is not less than 1000mm, and the largest size of the cartridge is 356mm * 432mm (14 * 17).

This bucky stand adds an electric device to realize the precise positioning of the camera box by adjusting the up and down motion of the camera box through the remote control device; that is, the electric camera. A movable base device is also added, which can be flexibly moved to different positions according to the needs of medical institutions.

Structure of chest bucky X ray

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