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Significance of filter grid to medical industry

In the work of medical diagnosis, the chest of human body is composed of various tissues with different density, such as gas, bone and soft tissue, which can form a natural contrast. Therefore, the X-ray examination for chest fluoroscopy or radiography is the most common, simplest, direct and clear examination method in medical diagnosis. The quality of chest radiograph directly affects the diagnostic rate of X-ray. One of the main factors to improve the quality of the picture is to restrain the scattering X-ray. The application of the filter grid is to eliminate the scattering line from the scatterer before it reaches the picture. It is an effective device to directly absorb the scattering line. Its principle is to place the filter grid between the picture and the limb, and the center line of the X-ray tube is aligned with the center of the filter grid plate. This is the newheek xray grid, part of which passes through the lead bar When the gap reaches the photo, another part of the ray is absorbed on the lead strip. Because the scattering line emitted by the tested body is angled with the lead strip and cannot pass through the lead strip gap, most of it is absorbed, thus reducing the amount of scattering line on the photo, greatly improving the contrast of the photo and improving the image quality of the photo.

But at the same time, it should also be noted that the X-ray center should not be reversed in use. When the X-ray center is opposite to the center of the filter grid, the tilt direction can only be parallel to the arrangement direction of the filter grid lead bars when the tilt is cast. The distance between the focus and the filter grid should be within the allowable range

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