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Mobile bucky stand for digital medical X-ray machine

Digital medical X-ray radiology system is configured with vertical mobile X ray stand, without changing radiology habit, easy realization of digital radiology, no change of machine room structure, easy completion of equipment installation, no waiting for crossbar switch, easy realization of five-second conversion.The out-of-bed examination can be done easily without transferring the critically ill patient.The space requirement of machine room is low, which meets the installation requirement of small clearance.Single board multi-functional, multi-angle, multi-position omnidirectional application.
The Newheek mobile X-ray stand is a medical X-ray equipment used in combination with a medical X-ray machine, which can perform X-ray examination on multiple parts of the human body, such as the head, chest, abdomen, joints, limbs and so on.The film frame is composed of a column, a slide frame and a film recorder. Compact structure, easy to install. The sliding rack can be moved up and down easily and can be positioned arbitrarily.The mobile x ray stand can be equipped with a filter grid to make the image clear.
vertical mobile X ray stand

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