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Mobile bucky stand hospital radiology equipment urgently needed

A manager of a medical equipment company came to consult about purchasing a mobile bucky stand, saying that the hospital urgently needs a bucky stand, and briefly introduced the type and technical parameters of the mobile bucky stand to the customer. After reporting the price, I said that I need to discuss with the hospital what type of mobile bucky stand I want.
The bucky stand produced by our company mainly includes four models: simple bucky stand, conventional bucky stand, DR bucky stand, and electric bucky stand. Each has its own advantages and needs to be selected by the hospital. These are four categories, including mobile bucky stand and vertical bucky stand.
The mobile bucky stand means the operation and inspection can be performed at any location in the hospital. The fixed vertical bucky stand can only be fixed in one place and limited to a range. Relatively speaking, the mobile bucky stand is relatively more convenient and affects The price is also a matter of price, and the price is slightly more expensive.
However, there are many kinds of mobile bucky stand, and the customer is not very clear about which one they want. Our sales staff gave him a detailed explanation and asked him to go back and ask what kind of mobile bucky stand it is, and then consider buying it.
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