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Cameroon’s customer consultation vertical bucky stand

Today, a customer in Cameroon consulted our NK17SG vertical bucky stand. Send the information to the customer and wait for the customer’s reply. There are many types of our vertical bucky stand, but customers are very interested in seeing our NK17SG vertical bucky stand and ask us to introduce this vertical bucky stand.
Briefly introduce our vertical bucky stand:
1. Model: NK17SG
2. Purpose: Suitable for radiographic examination of the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body;
3. Function: This device is composed of a column, a sliding frame and a film clip, which can be adapted to ordinary X-ray glue of various sizes
Film cassettes, CR IP boards and flat panel detectors with (without) wires;
4. Main technical parameters
① The total height of bucky stand is 1500mm (1800mm can be customized);
② Bucky stand width is 455mm;
③ The minimum stroke of the bucky stand is 1000mm;
④ Recommended installation height: ≥500mm from the ground
⑤ Card slot width <28mm (compatible with most DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards, and ordinary cassettes);
⑥ Maximum film size: unlimited (the film clip spacing is adjustable);
⑦ Installation method: hanging on the wall (recommended distance from the ground 500mm);
⑧ Suitable size of film clip: 5″×7″—17″×17″ or larger.

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