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Mobile X ray bucky stand for pet hospital

** President Wang of the Pet Hospital consulted on the mobile DR equipment: a Mobile X ray bucky stand , used for pet filming, such as large dogs, and requires a mobile base. Tell the customer that we have this kind of film holder, do we need to equip the filter grid? Customers claim that it is not necessary, mainly for the purpose of filming pets, because pets are not humans, and they are not very cooperative when filming, so it is relatively convenient to use a mobile film holder, so that you can follow the pet’s movement Adjustment.

We can achieve this kind of customer demand. Specific physical photos are as follows:

After reading the real photos, the customer is still satisfied with our equipment. This kind of equipment is more suitable for wired flat panel detectors, with simpler installation and economical application. A mobile base is added at the bottom to facilitate movement at any time.

The majority of pet hospitals, if you have any needs, please remember to contact us.


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