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Movable vertical bucky stand for mobile DR device

The movable rehabilitation standing frame makes the use of the rehabilitation standing frame more popular, and also promotes the popularization of the X optical machine.
What kind of shelf does the 17 "X17" bucky tray on the camera rack have
The rehabilitation standing frame is an indispensable equipment for medical examination of X-ray machine. The early fixed rehabilitation standing frame can not be moved or carried, which brings inconvenience to the work of medical staff. The appearance of movable rehabilitation standing frame and suspended rehabilitation standing frame just makes up for this defect, breaks the limit of time and space, and makes the conditions of use more extensive.
Bucky radiology operation
Newheek has a wide variety of movable rehabilitation standing frame, mainly more movable devices than fixed rehabilitation standing frame, so that the rehabilitation standing frame can be moved at will, and can be used anywhere.
Chest bucky X ray pick
Newheek’s suspended rehabilitation standing frame consists of three parts: a bracket, a slideway and a casket. It can be used for military, field, disaster relief and other environmental or crowd inspection.

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