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Newheek electric bucky stand

The electric bucky stand is a new product of our company. It is controlled by remote control to move the film box up and down. Let’s take a look at some knowledge of the electric bucky stand.
The electric bucky stand is an accessory equipment of the X-ray machine. It uses the combined effect of the existing medical X-ray machine in medical institutions and this device to perform radiographic inspections on the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and other parts of the human body to diagnose lesions. the goal of.
This bucky stand adds an electric device, which realizes the up and down movement of the film box through the remote control device to achieve precise positioning; that is, electric film.
Structure and technical parameters
1. Structure
The device is composed of a column assembly, a film box assembly, an electric device, etc.
2. Technical parameters
(1) The travel of the photo frame is not less than 1000mm;
(2) The maximum size of the film cassette: 432mm×432mm (17″×17″);
The above are some technical parameters of the electric bucky stand.
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