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Newheek lateral chest bucky

Recently, a customer in Singapore inquired about our side pop-up chest bucky. This chest bucky has two sizes of 14×17 and 17×17 film boxes, suitable for CR IP boards and cassettes of various sizes. The fixture can hold up to 17×17 flat panel detectors and can also be used with grids. Customers are more interested in mobile chest bucky. There is a base with wheels at the bottom of this chest bucky, which can be moved back and forth between rooms. It can also be fixed with brake wheels and used as a fixed chest bucky. It is very convenient to use. So what are the main technical parameters of this chest bucky? Now let’s take a look together:
1. The maximum stroke of the diaphragm is 1100mm;
2. The groove width is suitable for veneers with a thickness of less than 28mm
3. Film box size: 5″×7″-17″×17″;
4. Wire grid (optional): grid density: 40 lines/cm; grid ratio: 10:1; convergence distance: 180cm.
The choice of chest bucky can be selected according to personal habits. After seeing our products, how do you feel? Does it meet your expectations? Welcome to Newheek, a professional chest bucky manufacturer!

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